Best price available I could find, friendly & efficient service, immediate payment - in my account by the time I got home. Couldn't ask for better! Highly recommend.

D. R. , Ludlow 11 years ago

UKSG were recommended by a friend, and after the great service I received I would recommend to others. Best price paid by far, and money paid into my account immediately. Thanks!

B. M. , Glasgow 11 years ago

A great company. We phoned to make an appointment and were surprised how easy it was. The service received was excellent. They weighed the items in front of you then took them to be tested took about 20 minutes and then they brought me a quote which was the best price anywhere. We accepted our offer and gave our bank details. By the time we got home the money was in the bank!! Amazing and I would recommend them to anyone.

T. D. , Bridgnorth 11 years ago

A great service and really quick too. I posted my Gold by insured special delivery. The next morning I got a call to confirm everything and the money was in my account by the faster payment system within 30 minutes.

M. C. , Stoke-on-Trent 11 years ago

I received a professional fast efficient service. They were very helpful over the telephone and face to face. I took my gold to them where I had it valued in few minutes. The money for my gold hit my bank account in less than 2 hours. They were very patient and helpful with all the questions I had. I'm very pleased and would recommend them to everyone who is considering selling their gold.

M. C. , Walsall 11 years ago

An extremely professional organisation to deal with! I telephoned and made an appointment to take in my gold pieces as I live only half an hours' drive away. My visit took around 20 minutes while the items were weighed and analysed and I received £932 by bank transfer into my account within an hour! What an amazing service and so fast - I would recommend them to anyone.

M. W. , Walsall 12 years ago

What a great and professional service! I was a bit concerned about sending my gold through the post to an internet company but I didn't need to worry. I posted my gold Monday lunchtime and had my offer of £189 for 17grams of gold and 95grams of silver by lunchtime Tuesday. I accepted because it was far above any other company out there and the money was in my account in the time it took me to log on to the internet banking site. I will recommend! It's great - thanks UKSG!

J. D. , Brighouse 12 years ago

Professional, honest and to the point! You want to sell gold and get a good price, they want to buy it and make you happy. Money was in my account 48 hours after thinking about selling my gold.

B. R. , Gateshead 12 years ago

I thought the 100% satisfaction guarantee was just for show but there is honestly nothing bad you can say about these guys. They give you the live price for gold on the market, they tell you their refining fees on the front page and they fix the rate on your form for 24 hours. To add to that, you send your gold one day, you get a call the next with payment 50 minutes after the end of the call. One very satisfied customer here and I will be recommending you to my sister right now! She has loads of gold to get rid of.

J. G. , Salisbury 12 years ago

I have been collecting little bits of gold for many years and I was going through it all one day and thought why do I keep all this? So I got it all weighed and checked at the local jewellers and they quoted me roughly £200. I got home, scanned through a few websites and finally came here where I entered my weight into the online calculator to see they were offering around £500. Needless to say I had my gold packed and sent the very same day and I got a speedy call back the morning after. The price was better than that quoted on the website due to some items being of a higher carat than I was aware so I am VERY pleased with uk scrap gold.

K. L. , Slough 12 years ago

I got the money into my account within 30 hours of sending and it was pretty close to what I was hoping but miles more than I was offered an several other places. A superb service!

P. E. , Thornham 12 years ago

Excellent service! I was expecting to get a lot less than quoted but was pleasantly surprised to get nearly exactly when I worked out on the website calculator. They state everything on their homepage and they stick to the script. I have recommended them to my family and friends already.

N. F. , Fleckney 12 years ago

I love that you can see the gold price change on the site. Live data and honest refining fees stated on their front page for all to see. UK Scrap Gold offer a trustworthy service and yes, 100% satisfaction. Very happy with my transaction and I will be sending to them again.

G. G. , Everton 12 years ago

Gold sent - money paid! Exactly what you want from a gold company and an excellent customer service to boot! Recommended!

I. M. , Malvern 12 years ago

I am so glad that I decided to go with UKSG! I was looking at quite a few other companies and was close to going with a gold pack company but after a bit of research and a quick phone call with a friendly member of staff at UKSG I decided not to. Now I have a load of extra cash and a trip to the shops in mind. Thanks guys for an excellent and quick service.

G. S. , Twyford 12 years ago