I cannot fault the service one bit. From scrap gold to cash in the bank in less than 2 days! You cannot get this sort of service from anyone else. I will be getting some more gold together and sending again next week. Thanks UKSG!

J. K. , Essex 12 years ago

The Faster Payment System is ACE! I had my money in my account within 24 hours of getting my gold out of the jewellery box. I just wish I'd known about these guys before I sold my other gold items. I have recommended to all my family.

J. S. , Whitby 12 years ago

I am a very, very suspicious person by nature but these guys ticked all the right boxes. Professional, honest and friendly! I received my cheque in the mail the day after my valuation and it was far, far more than I was offered anywhere else. UKSG are the best!

K. E. , Burnham 12 years ago

10/10. A truly fantastic service! Fast, friendly and an excellent price - it makes sense to use UK Scrap Gold.

E. F. , Devon 12 years ago

Best price for your gold guaranteed! These guys beat the competition hands down. I was scared about using them at first since I have never sent to an online company before but I am so glad that I went ahead with it. Send one day, get a call the next and you will have the money in the bank within minutes. Awesome!

L. P. , Swansea 12 years ago

A fantast service! They are honest and reliable and the money was put in my account within two hours of them calling me with my valuation. I will definitely use you guys again.

H. C. , Lancaster 12 years ago

I am over the moon with these guys. I sent my items at 3pm on the Wednesday, got a call at 8:30am Thursday and the money was put into my account within 20 minutes of the call. I am so impressed. Thanks guys.

S. W. , Bradford 12 years ago

A brilliant service! I have used them twice now and have recommended lots of friends to use them. They are so fast and professional - thanks guys.

T. P. , West Bromwich 12 years ago

Posted yesterday, called 15 minutes ago and money in bank now! Recommended to all!

K. L. , Cheshire 12 years ago

Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery, UK Scrap Gold and FPS! What a team these guys make. I got my money within 24 hours and three times more than all the jewellers were offering locally. Thank you guys!

W. S. , Bath 12 years ago

Quality service! I am sending more right now! Money in bank 15 minutes after the call. I can not praise them enough.

D. I. , Burnley 12 years ago

This was my very first time selling gold and I am VERY pleased with the service provided. I got more money than I ever thought possible for what I thought was just junk jewellery. I am scraping out all the drawers and cupboards now looking for more. Thank you John for a professional service!

P. P. , Scunthorpe 12 years ago

I posted my gold on Monday and got a call on Tuesday with a valuation far above what I was quoted at my local jewellers. The money was in my account within minutes. Great service, keep it up.

S. M. , Cheltenham 12 years ago

From my initial enquiry to the payment for my gold this service was top notch! 10-out-of-10 UK Scrap Gold! Thanks Walter and co.

C. L. , Swansea 12 years ago

Amazing service! DO NOT USE GOLD PACK COMPANIES!!! I got offered £0.58 per gram for my gold when I sent to a TV advertised Gold Pack company and after a week of ranting at them over the phone I got my gold back and sent it to UK Scrap Gold who gave me the rate they were advertising on their website. Honest and trustworthy! Recommended!

S. O. , Exeter 12 years ago