COVID-19 Offers Price Dividend for Scrap Gold

It should have been no surprise for gold to spring up out of the ground in a small town in central Victoria, Australia. The country was the epicentre of a legendary gold rush in the 1850s, prompting thousands to emigrate there to grab a nugget of gold to make their fortunes.

The gold rush ebbed in time, but acres of ‘virgin territory’ remain unexposed. The case for taking gold seriously came to the fore once again, when two men managed to revive something of a gold rush by finding two sizable nuggets of gold near the town of Tarnagulla. Weighing a combined total of 3.5kg, the two men have potentially discovered enough gold to make them A$350,000 if they decide to sell soon.

The gold rush of 2020 is here

The two nuggets discovered near Tarnagulla are no larger than the size of the average smartphone, and yet they still yield enough to make a sizable fortune. This just goes to show how small quantities of the yellow metal can make a large sum, if you choose to sell scrap gold today.

UK Scrap Gold keeps a close eye on live gold spot prices daily, allowing us to give a quick-time valuation for items of varying purities and sizes. For example, UK Scrap Gold can currently offer as much as £530 for an item of gold scrap weighing just one ounce, with a purity of 9-carat.

Imagine what an even larger item of gold with a higher purity could be worth, should you decide to sell, with prices hitting new all-time highs of £1,500 this summer. This year has offered investors and sellers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so it makes sense not to squander them while they still last.

If 2020 proves to be one of the greatest gold rushes in history, demand for the yellow metal will only increase, constraining supply and keeping prices higher for longer. Gold is one of the scarcest precious metals on the planet, so why not cash in on your scrap gold while prices are high?

Make a scrap gold sale with us

UK Scrap Gold has plenty of experience in facilitating secure sales of scrap gold over the years. While lockdown has posed many challenges for us and our customers, we have continued to operate, ensuring that people were able to pass on their items for a fair price without fail.

Refining fees aren’t applied if you sell gold with us, nor do you lose out over hidden charges while making a sale.

If you wish to make a sale today, we strongly encourage you to call us on 01902 623 254 or contact us here. Our team will be on-hand to facilitate your enquiries and we look forward to helping realise the true worth of your scrap gold today.

Gold Prices Close to All-Time Highs During Economic Downturn

The UK is in what may be its worst recession in living memory, but it’s not all doom and gloom. The economy grew slightly in June and July, and the price of gold is near all-time highs.

Today, 2nd September, gold prices are £1,464.23 per troy ounce , while at the beginning of August they were at a record high of £1,508, coinciding with a recession threatening jobs across the country. 

The recession is likely to start a gold rush, as investors look to flock to this safe haven asset to protect their wealth. It might seem like an illogical time to start investing in precious metals, but as those in the gold community know, gold often holds its value extremely well during tough times.

Is gold on an upward trend?

Gold prices have been rising for quite a long time. Prices have virtually doubled over the last 10 years and by a staggering 30 per cent this year. With the recession developing many in the gold community will hope that gold holds its value for the next few months at the very least.

Why do gold prices hold their value during times of crisis?

Gold is considered a safe haven asset. A safe haven investment is expected to either retain or increase its value during market volatility. Safe havens are turned to by investors when they are trying to protect their wealth in response to economic downturns like recessions. 

Gold is less turbulent than stocks, which can fluctuate wildly in periods of recession. Gold is also thought to be a hedge against inflation.

Sell scrap gold online

All this means that if you happen to have scrap gold at home, with prices being as high as they are, you could stand to earn a decent sum of money selling your scrap gold.

We accept items containing gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. Here’s a full list of what we buy. So whether you have any unwanted jewellery at home, trophies, tableware or scrap we will offer you competitive rates. On the other hand you might have gold bars or coins purchased as an investment, which you wish to now sell. 

Whatever the case, selling scrap gold and precious metals with UK Scrap Gold is a quick and easy process.

At the time of writing, we can offer you £16.62 for one gram of 9 carat gold. This competitive price beats many scrap gold purchasers. So, if you had a 9 Carat necklace which weighs 7 grams you could make £116.34 at current prices.

How it works – 3 steps

1. Use our gold price calculator to value your precious metal at home

2. Post us your gold – by Royal Mail Insured Delivery

3. Receive your payment in just 24 hours

Sell to UK Scrap Gold to receive payment on the same day we receive your items.

Sell your gold with UK Scrap Gold

Send us a message via our online form or contact us by telephone to discuss your items. We can be reached on 01902 623 254.

If you’d like to book an appointment to chat face-to-face give us a call. Our office is based in Wolverhampton.

Time To Re-Group

When Covid – 19 hit in March we made the decision to keep working for as long as possible and furloughed non-essential staff where we could. Our staff members have been amazing during this crisis. Despite the imposition of lock-down, social distancing and hygiene requirements they have soldiered on and handled unprecedented demand from our customers. 

We have now arrived at the point where, frankly, our team need to take a break. Rather than rotating individuals onto annual leave and putting more pressure on the remaining staff members as a result, we have decided to close our offices for a full week so that everyone can get some much needed rest and the opportunity to re-connect with family and friends. As lockdown measures are now starting to ease we think that August would be the best time to take this break. 

As a result, our offices will be closed from 3pm Friday 7th August 2020 and will re-open at 9am on Monday 17th August 2020. 

During this period our offices will be unable to accept deliveries and any parcels addressed to us will remain in the postal system until our return to work. 


We would encourage all of our customers to make any planned sales during the next week to avoid delays in processing. 

Whilst we appreciate that these arrangements may cause some inconvenience, for which we apologise, the wellbeing of our staff members and our ability to continue to provide outstanding service to our customers in the months ahead are of great importance to us. 

A huge ‘Thank You’ to all of our customers, old and new, for your loyalty, patience and continued support during these unprecedented times and for the many emails and even letters of appreciation that we have received. 

Stay safe and well, it is by no means over yet! 

The Team at UK Scrap Gold

Silver Lining: Silver Shows Signs of Movement

We are used to seeing gold steal the headlines as one of the most in demand and valuable precious metals, while silver often falls to the side-lines. 

However, there has recently been a shift in the market which has seen the demand for silver rise significantly. As thing stand in July 2020, silver could be one of the few ‘silver linings’ of 2020 with prices approaching their highest in recent years.

What’s driving the silver price increase?

Silver prices have shot up 66 per cent since their lowest point recorded in March 2020, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. In fact, some investors are getting quite excited as they say that the silver market could explode at any point, with a troy ounce now hitting $19.50 in New York. This begs the question, what is driving the silver price increase?

Silver has many qualities which makes it a worthy investment as a precious metal. It is a reflective metal and is thermally and electrically conductive, meaning that it is sought after as an industrial metal. Indeed, silver is often used as a component in many technology devices and batteries.

One likely factor behind the price increase is the reopening of some factories following the COVID-19 lockdown. As the lockdown measures are slowly lifted, production levels have begun to return back to normal. This increase in productivity creates an increased demand for materials including silver.

Grab the silver lining

How long this burst in demand for silver will last, no one can confidently say – so how can you make the most out of this unique situation? 

Knowing which silver items will sell for the highest value is of utmost importance. Small items made from silver, like jewellery and watches, will not fetch the same price as they would if they were made with gold. 

This is partly due to the fact that many of these items will be plated, which makes selling for scrap very difficult. But the size of these items is also a factor; gold is a very valuable metal and so even small amounts of it are worthwhile selling as scrap gold. 

Silver, on the other hand, doesn’t demand the same level of value so volumes need to be larger before it’s worth making a sale. 

But do not despair – you can still capitalise on this opportunity and sell silver! Silver bullion bars and silver coins contain more pure metal and are not plated, meaning that these items have a higher resale value.

Selling silver with UK Scrap Gold

Now is the time to act if you are looking to get a strong return on your silver portfolio of bars and coins.

But have you considered selling to scrap gold companies? With over 20 years’ experience and knowledge in the industry, UK Scrap Gold offers competitive prices for scrap silver, gold and other precious metals.

Our online Scrap Silver Calculator can help you determine how much your portfolio is worth; all we need to know is the purity and total weight of the metal in grams. We will calculate the rest!

To get in touch with the team at UK Scrap Gold to discuss your silver portfolio, simply send us a message or give the team a call on 01902 623 254.

Value Your Scrap Gold at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic continues to see a rising number of cases, meaning more of us are spending time based at home. UK Scrap Gold has paused accepting new sales of gold for the safety of customers, and to prevent potential losses of items in transit.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to get a valuation or have plans in place to recycle your scrap gold. In fact, we have all the tools you could need, so that you’re ready to make a sale, as soon as our full service is resumed.

Valuations of scrap gold have never been so easy!

Scrap gold could be worth a fortune

Market turbulence has led to much money flowing into safe havens in recent weeks, as the COVID-19 pandemic causes key parts of the economy to close down. Cases continue to rise, and as any responsible business would do, UK Scrap Gold paused receiving items from customers from Friday 20th March until further notice.

We’re doing this in the best interests of everyone we work with, to help limit the spread of this new coronavirus, and to limit the risk of precious items being lost in transit, as we’re sure there will be some potential disruption for a short time.

In the meantime, use our Scrap Gold Calculator to value your scrap item today – whether it’s an old piece of jewellery that you’ve been meaning to sell for a while, or something you’ve only just acquired but have no need for, valuation is easy.

Rather than having to send your item directly to us for analysis, using our Scrap Gold Calculator requires you to provide an estimate of the item’s weight and carat (purity), so it can give an accurate reading. Gold prices have been close to all-time highs for a number of weeks, and the Calculator reflects that in each reading it gives.

Sales and recycling as part of our service

When we are able to restore our full service to customers, this includes not only facilitating the sale of scrap gold items for quick and easy cash, we also enable customers to ‘recycle’ gold by selling scrap items to us and purchasing VAT free investment gold bars and coins with the proceeds.

Did you know that gold jewellery has VAT added to it? This distorts its value somewhat – by selling your item to us, you can invest the proceeds into a VAT free gold bar or coin through our sister website – UK Bullion.

 Investment gold is exempt from VAT altogether and is a smart way of storing wealth, as gold prices remain elevated for the foreseeable future.

UK Scrap Gold wishes you good health and fortune in the coming days and weeks and looks forward to restoring a full service at the earliest possible opportunity, as soon as it is deemed safe and appropriate to do so.

Scrap Silver Poised for Great Rebound in 2020

Despite silver having significant demand as an industrial metal, it is seemingly outshone by metals such as gold, at least when it comes to valuations.

But if you hold onto a piece of scrap silver, don’t lose hope – scrap silver prices could potentially have been undervalued by a significant margin relative to gold in more recent times, meaning those scrap silver items you’ve got lying around gathering dust could become a great deal more valuable in 2020.

Learn why scrap silver could be poised for a great rebound in 2020.

The price is right for a rebound

Precious metals such as gold and silver have often risen in tandem over the last few decades.

While scrap gold can enjoy sharp rises in value, scrap silver prices demonstrate far greater volatility. You might have seen how scrap gold prices are significantly higher than those of scrap silver, but taking this at face value would be to miss an important fact, which is that the prices of gold and silver have a most unusual relationship.

Based on historical averages, scrap silver is significantly undervalued relative to scrap gold. When this has occurred historically, silver has always outperformed gold and enjoyed a considerably greater increase in value eventually.

That means that any scrap silver items you’re thinking of selling, whether old cutlery, jewellery or even an heirloom, could soon become considerably more valuable. It’s just a matter of timing.

What is scrap silver worth today?

UK Scrap Gold estimates that just 50 grams of scrap silver with 999.0 purity could currently make you as much as £17.90. Think of what an even larger quantity of scrap silver could earn you!

For the latest scrap silver prices and to help you time a sale to perfection, make sure to use our silver price calculator. It’s easy to use and you don’t need to send a single piece of silver to us in order to get a free initial valuation.

UK Scrap Gold accepts scrap items of all shapes and sizes. We specialise in facilitating sales of scrap silver. If you wish to recycle your items, we can melt them down and have them reshaped into something brand-new. All you have to do is tell us a little about the items you wish to sell by filling in our sellers’ form. It’s protected with SSL encryption, meaning your personal information is safe with us.

When you’re ready to transfer the items over to us, make sure to post them by Insured Special Delivery. This ensures your package arrives safely and that you don’t lose out if something should happen to it in transit.

Don’t hesitate to contact UK Scrap Gold today, or call us on 01902 623 254!

Last Chance to Cash in on Christmas Gold Rush

This Christmas is something of a special opportunity to make some easy cash, if you have any unwanted gold in some shape or form. That’s because prices have rarely been so high in the festive season.

Gold comes in all shapes and sizes but can make for a much-welcome amount of money, if you find the right place to sell. UK Scrap Gold knows just what you need to do.

A golden gift this Christmas

Gold prices have been on a tear for much of 2019, with occasional dips, underlined by a firm uptrend since last year. This means people have been given a rare opportunity to sell gold at record highs for the first time since 2011.

All those unwanted heirlooms or broken pieces of jewellery could be making you a decent sum. All you need to do is work out how much they could possibly be worth. Fortunately, UK Scrap Gold’s very own Gold Price Calculator does just the trick.

Gold items made in the UK often carry a hallmark, giving you an idea about the item’s purity or carat, but don’t worry if it doesn’t have one. This may mean your item came from abroad, but it could still be worth enough to give you a boost over Christmas, if you sell it with us today.

An item weighing just a gram, with 9-carat purity, could fetch a price of at least £13.14 at current prices, so just imagine what you could do, if you happen to have something much larger, with a higher carat.

Gold in all shapes and sizes

This yellow metal comes in all shapes and sizes, and all it takes to spread some extra cheer, this Christmas.

If you’re curious about selling some gold today, make sure to check our Live Gold Price tracker – updated every five seconds, it can be used to help you time your sale. Watch out for spikes in prices, to maximise the value of your items. This is because we provide payment based on pricing at the time we receive any items.

It could be the best time to sell, as demand is high, and any gold you sell could be recycled at some of the highest prices ever seen.

Why sell it to us? UK Scrap Gold has been operating in this market for over 20 years, with experience in helping people turn unwanted gold and other precious metals into easy cash, in a few simple steps.

If you have any queries about how it all works, contact us here. If you need a little more information about what we can offer, here are our top 10 reasons to trust us with your scrap gold items.

Once you’re ready to sell, it’s time to fill in this form – it’s easy to follow, and guarantees a speedy sale.

From all of us at UK Scrap Gold, have a Merry Christmas and a happy 2020!

Elevated Prices Persuade Families to Sell Gold Heirlooms

Gold has been prized for centuries, adorning the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and being passed down through families as tokens of good fortune.

The price of gold has remained so high in recent months that families who hold large quantities of the precious metal have made the bold move to sell gold items, often including family heirlooms.

Holding large quantities of gold has proven risky for some, as police warned earlier in the summer that members of the South Asian community were particularly vulnerable to burglaries of gold, as they often increased holdings of the precious metal while preparing for the wedding season.

A BBC investigation in March 2019 found that as much as £140 million worth of gold jewellery had been stolen from families of South Asian descent since 2013, with the Metropolitan Police reportedly recording 3,300 thefts for the same demographic group between 2017-18 alone.

Popular metal for heirlooms

The spike in the gold price in recent months has been viewed as a likely trigger to the increasing number of gold thefts from households possessing large quantities of gold. The yellow metal is popular, particularly among South Asian families, as part of marital traditions going back generations.

Check out our Live Gold Prices chart, to keep track of the latest price moves.

High prices have also made the perfect opportunity for anyone with a bit of scrap gold lying around to make a significant amount of cash easily. UK Scrap Gold accepts a wide range of scrap gold items, whether that’s broken or unwanted gold jewellery.

You might not even realise just how much of a literal goldmine you could be sitting on, with pieces of scrap gold in your home, gathering dust.

What about purity?

It’s possible you might have discovered something golden and perhaps you now wish to sell scrap gold, but you’re unsure whether it’s pure enough. Don’t worry – UK Scrap gold will be happy to help, even if the item isn’t 24-carat gold precisely. Scrap gold items come in a wide range of purities, and some items might include different pieces of gold, of varying purities.

Here at UK Scrap Gold, upon receipt of your scrap gold item, we can simply separate the respective pieces, and give you an easy cash valuation for each individual piece.

If you wish to take advantage of gold being close to record prices, and plan to sell scrap gold to specialists, why not consider selling it to us at UK Scrap Gold? If you want to get a good valuation before selling, do your own valuation at home, using our scrap gold calculator on our homepage.

All you need to know is a rough approximation of the item’s carat or purity, as well as its weight in grams.

UK Scrap Gold has a main office in Wolverhampton, so if you wish to visit us about any scrap gold queries, make sure to drop us a message, to book an appointment. Better still, feel free to call us using the number below. We look forward to helping with your enquiry.

Gold is More Recyclable Than You Think

Gold has always been viewed as a timeless metal that never ages. It is one of the least reactive elements on the periodic table, and while many metals oxidise and rust in time, gold manages to maintain its shimmer for centuries.

But did you know that between 2005 and 2010, recycled gold made up as much as 35 per cent of the gold available in the markets? Read on, to learn about how, as well as being a timeless precious metal, gold is one of the best metals you can recycle, if you’re looking to repurpose your scrap gold.

All the gold in the world

It has been said that gold is so uncommon in the Earth’s crust, that all of the gold ever mined out of the ground could be melted down and formed into a cube that could easily fit underneath the Eiffel Tower. This quite interesting fact might sound unbelievable, but it gives you an idea about just how rare gold is, and why it has always been such a highly-priced precious metal.

The scarcity of gold and its consistently high value across the world is one of the many reasons why so many people see the benefit in not only buying or selling scrap gold but also recycling it into completely new shapes and sizes.

Imagine finding an old gold ring or a scrap gold necklace, or perhaps even just a gold coin. Gold fillings are also another older form of scrap gold, which are often 14 carat, indicating that it is at least 58 per cent pure gold.

Scrap gold specialists

The centuries-old appeal of gold means there are great opportunities for both buyers and sellers of scrap gold. If you have happened to possess some scrap gold, such as a gold watch, old jewellery or dental gold, there’s a respectable sum you can expect to make by selling with UK Scrap Gold.

For example, if you happen to find some scrap 9 carat gold weighing a single gram, you could expect to make as much as £14.15 if you sold at the time of writing, in late September. Want to see how much your item might be worth? Check out our Scrap Gold Calculator.

Better still, check out our Live Gold Price Tracker. The price of gold is always moving around, so make sure to check the price, to help time your sale so you can make the most out of your scrap gold items. We accept scrap gold items, as well as a variety of other precious metals, including scrap silver.

Have a bit of old silver cutlery lying around, which you’re thinking of scrapping? We also accept scrap platinum items, so don’t let them lie around, gathering dust. You might just be sitting on a small fortune, so it makes sense to get in touch to see what they might be worth today.

Feel free to give us a call, email us or book an appointment, if you wish to come to our headquarters in Wolverhampton. We look forward to helping you sell your scrap at a fair price.

August Provides Scrap Gold Sellers with Record Prices

August hasn’t failed to disappoint – gold prices continue to climb to new all-time highs. The higher it goes, the greater the reason for selling some of that scrap gold you might have lying around, gathering dust. Don’t let it sit idle – why not sell gold for some quick cash with UK Scrap Gold today?

Sizzling hot prices

Gold continues to race higher and higher this summer, having broken through the £1,200 per troy ounce barrier earlier this month. Prices have quite simply never been so high, so you have a special opportunity to make some sizable sums of money if you happen to find any unwanted scrap gold lying around.

UK Scrap Gold has been recording all-time highs for the value of scrap gold this summer – check out our Scrap Gold Calculator, to see what your scrap gold could be worth. If you found a single gram of 9-carat gold, you could potentially earn yourself as much as £14.16 as of late August.

The higher the carat (or purity), the more cash you can make, if you sell scrap gold with UK Scrap Gold. A gram of 24-carat gold attracts a price of as high as £37.73 as of late August and could be worth significantly more if gold prices continue moving upwards.

What kinds of scrap gold?

At UK Scrap Gold, we handle scrap gold items of all shapes and sizes. Some customers have even sold dental gold fillings, which we were happy to exchange for cash. However, you may have simply stumbled across an old family heirloom; perhaps a gold ring, a gold watch or some broken gold chains.

We even accept items of scrap palladium, silver and platinum. Jewellery isn’t just limited to gold, so you never know what kind of money your scrap could be worth.

There are some special forms of scrap gold, such as rose or white gold. We’re still happy to exchange them for some quick and easy cash too. Think you’re ready to sell some scrap gold? Just fill out a Seller Form – it’s easy to use, and your planned sale can be sorted in no time at all.

Discuss selling scrap gold

UK Scrap Gold has been helping people sell their scrap gold from our office in Wolverhampton for a number of years. Check out our Testimonials page, to see how we’ve helped ensure that people got the cash they deserved when selling their scrap gold with us.

If you’re curious about making a sale to us, feel free to get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help you if you have any questions. Find our contact information on our Contact page here. We’re also able to facilitate face-to-face appointments at our Wolverhampton office, but please remember to book your own appointment, to avoid delays.