Gold Price Calculator

Use our Gold Price Calculator to estimate the value of your old, unwanted or scrap Gold jewellery.

We buy all forms of Gold Jewellery as well as coins and even dental Gold but we do not buy Gold plated items, rolled Gold or costume jewellery.

To estimate the value of your Gold simply weigh the items in grams and enter the weight in the relevant carat section below. If you need help identifying the carat or purity of your items click here.

Don’t have scales available? Don’t worry, send us your items and we will weigh them on Trading Standards Approved scales. We can even weigh your items live on video link with you via Skype – call for details.

Gold (AU)
Carat Weight (g) Value (£)
AU 9
AU 14
AU 18
AU 21
AU 22
AU 24
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