I have used this company before and every time I use them I get a top quality service. They do exactly what they say they do on the website. They give you the fixed rate, they take their refining fee and they pay you straight into your account without delay. Quality service!

T. B. , Tavistock 11 years ago

Sent in gold on Tuesday, got a call on Wednesday and the money was in the bank within 20 minutes of putting the phone down. Best rates and best service anywhere. Recommended to everyone and I have already told my family about you. Thanks!

S. E. , Oakridge 11 years ago

I love these guys and I have used them for a long time now. They go from strength to strength offering the best service I have ever come across in the industry and now they have got even better with the new spot gold prices and fixable rates. Keep up the good work guys, you are a role model for all other gold companies.

L. C. , Inverness 11 years ago

Speedy service with excellent prices and the rates update as you're watching the site. Amazing! Recommended to all!

W. M. , Bristol 11 years ago

I was amazed to see a gold company with the market value of gold advertised on their site and I was thinking that maybe these guys were just pulling my leg. After sending in, however, I found these guys to be fast, honest and efficient. I fixed my rate on my description form, sent within the 24 hour time slot, got the rate I was quoted and the money paid into the bank. Even after the refining fee I got far more for my gold than any other company was willing to offer me.

V. S. , Bedford 11 years ago

As honest a company as you can find. They advertise the actual market spot gold price on their website (which updates as your watching, so cool) and they take a very small refining fee off that price. These guys are by far the best gold company I have ever used and I will be sending lots, lots more.

J. E. , Reading 11 years ago

I heard of this company through my brother who had used them in the past and was a bit reluctant to send my gold through the post but he assured me that it was safe. I am pleased to say that with the money in my account 30 minutes after a phone call the following day to sending my gold that this is by far the best company out there. I will further recommend you to my friends as well.

E. T. , Fulham 11 years ago

I wouldn't sell my gold to anyone else. This company know what they are doing when it comes to gold and customer service. I will be sending another lot in shortly, talk to you soon.

I. H. , Somerset 11 years ago

I was so excited when I found a stash of gold jewellery in my old cupboards and even more so when I realized the value of them. I searched a lot of sites to try to find the best value for my gold and uk scrap were by far the best I could find. These guys are so friendly and helpful - I recommend them highly.

B. B. , Reading 11 years ago

It was a great pleasure to do business with uk scrap gold. Nick was very professional.

E. R. , Birmingham 11 years ago

100% professional service from start to finish! I got a lot more than I was excepting to get. I will be using this company again. Thank you very much!

M. K. , Glasgow 11 years ago

I got all my scrap gold together, packed it up and sent it to uk scrap gold and within 30 hours the money was in my account. This is by far the best service I have ever used in my life. I have recommended to my family already.

L. L. , County Durham 11 years ago

Quick and reliable! These guys are the best.

J. K. , Shropshire 11 years ago

Woah!!! These guys are so fast its mind blowing. I was so glad when they called in the morning to let me know my gold was there and even happier when they told me they had valued it already. I accepted the offer and the money was in my account within minutes. Amazing!

E. V. , Kettering 11 years ago

You see all these reports on gold companies in the newspapers and on TV and you think you would be better off sending your gold to a jewellers but I can tell you now that my jeweller was offering me £200 less than UK scrap gold paid me. I am so glad that I decided to take the risk and send to these guys. Recommended to all!

P. O. , Bexhill 11 years ago