Fight Rising Energy Prices by Selling Scrap Gold 

A BBC report has announced that energy bills for a typical household will rise to £3,549 per year on October 1st. A new price cap is being introduced, which limits the amount energy companies can charge a household for each unit of energy it uses. 

In this article, we will highlight the opportunities available for anyone with scrap gold to sell in these trying times. Keep reading to learn how easy it is to sell scrap gold with UK Scrap Gold. 

How high might energy bills rise next year? 

Prices have been rising dramatically in the UK since the beginning of 2022. In April, the energy cap rose £708 from £2,107. Prices could jump even further in January 2023. Analysts at Cornwall Insight forecast the energy price cap could rise to £5,386 per year when it’s updated next year. However, Ofgem states that price cap forecasts should be viewed with “extreme caution”. 

It’s worth remembering that the price cap is just an indication of where prices could rise to. Your bills may end up being higher or lower than the price cap depending on how much energy you use in your household. Those that work from home permanently might see their bills rising higher than they have ever seen before. 

With bills so far out of control, a grim decision could be facing many, “heat or eat”. The government has promised help to tackle rising fuel prices, however current pledges don’t go far enough. So, some Brits will be looking elsewhere for ways to pay their bills. This is where selling scrap gold can come in. 

Sell your cash gold to UK Scrap Gold 

Whether it’s a broken watch, a piece of unwanted jewellery or dental gold, those with unwanted scrap gold lying around at home can benefit from gold’s elevated price when energy bills start to mount. Why leave your unwanted gold to gather dust when it could go towards paying your bills? 

Gold is favoured by investors as a hedge against inflation. As inflation is currently at a  highs its price is favourable for sellers. This is because investors flock to gold to balance their portfolio during times of economic crisis, in this way riskier forms of investment are balanced by the dependability of gold.  

Should you face a high energy bill in the next few months that leaves you strapped for cash or unable to settle your invoice, remember that selling scrap gold can release some much-needed cash. 

Why Choose UK Scrap Gold? 

In the interests of transparency, there are many businesses operating online that will offer you a competitive price for gold. However, we believe our service stands head and shoulders above our competitors. 

Here are 5 reasons to choose UK Scrap Gold to facilitate your sale of scrap gold: 

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Ready to sell in 3 simple steps? 

Selling your Scrap Gold to UK Scrap Gold is as easy as 1,2,3. Firstly, calculate the value of your gold or other precious metal using the calculator on our homepage. You’ll just need to weigh it first and have its purity to hand. 

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Finally, you’ll receive your payment by bank transfer within 24 hours of us receiving your items. 

If you have any questions about the process of selling your items don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team. If you would like to visit us in person, we offer consultations at our head office in Wolverhampton by appointment.