Gold is More Recyclable Than You Think

Gold has always been viewed as a timeless metal that never ages. It is one of the least reactive elements on the periodic table, and while many metals oxidise and rust in time, gold manages to maintain its shimmer for centuries.

But did you know that between 2005 and 2010, recycled gold made up as much as 35 per cent of the gold available in the markets? Read on, to learn about how, as well as being a timeless precious metal, gold is one of the best metals you can recycle, if you’re looking to repurpose your scrap gold.

All the gold in the world

It has been said that gold is so uncommon in the Earth’s crust, that all of the gold ever mined out of the ground could be melted down and formed into a cube that could easily fit underneath the Eiffel Tower. This quite interesting fact might sound unbelievable, but it gives you an idea about just how rare gold is, and why it has always been such a highly-priced precious metal.

The scarcity of gold and its consistently high value across the world is one of the many reasons why so many people see the benefit in not only buying or selling scrap gold but also recycling it into completely new shapes and sizes.

Imagine finding an old gold ring or a scrap gold necklace, or perhaps even just a gold coin. Gold fillings are also another older form of scrap gold, which are often 14 carat, indicating that it is at least 58 per cent pure gold.

Scrap gold specialists

The centuries-old appeal of gold means there are great opportunities for both buyers and sellers of scrap gold. If you have happened to possess some scrap gold, such as a gold watch, old jewellery or dental gold, there’s a respectable sum you can expect to make by selling with UK Scrap Gold.

For example, if you happen to find some scrap 9 carat gold weighing a single gram, you could expect to make as much as £14.15 if you sold at the time of writing, in late September. Want to see how much your item might be worth? Check out our Scrap Gold Calculator.

Better still, check out our Live Gold Price Tracker. The price of gold is always moving around, so make sure to check the price, to help time your sale so you can make the most out of your scrap gold items. We accept scrap gold items, as well as a variety of other precious metals, including scrap silver.

Have a bit of old silver cutlery lying around, which you’re thinking of scrapping? We also accept scrap platinum items, so don’t let them lie around, gathering dust. You might just be sitting on a small fortune, so it makes sense to get in touch to see what they might be worth today.

Feel free to give us a call, email us or book an appointment, if you wish to come to our headquarters in Wolverhampton. We look forward to helping you sell your scrap at a fair price.