Our Guide to Spotting True Gold and Silver

Here at UK Scrap Gold, we can attest to seeing growing demand from the general public to sell items purported to be true gold or silver, only for them to be disappointed when we take a closer look and find this not to be the case.

Many vendors trick customers into buying what they claim to be the real thing, offering unusually cheap prices for products which should hold far higher intrinsic value. As experts in this field, we will explain how to spot the real deal from the plated versions.

Check the source

If you know anything about precious metals, you’ll know that density and purity are huge drivers in the valuation of items such as gold coins, the family silver, or jewellery passed down from generation to generation. The last thing you want, during a period of high gold prices, is to find that the items you wish to sell aren’t what you thought they were.

Warning signs are easy to spot, if you know what to look out for. If you’re purchasing a gold coin, for example, a certificate of authenticity is a key requirement to expect. This document is a firm statement attesting to your item’s proof of origin, giving you assurance that it was provided by a reputable dealer.

By contrast, a seller who cuts corners and offers you an item ‘enhanced with gold’ without these forms of certification, may be offering an item below what would be considered the appropriate market value. As you will see, true gold and silver have clear pricings on the open market. 

Any item which requires any form of enhancement could be a sign that the seller tried shifting plated gold items, which are actually comprised of a far cheaper metal with a superficial gold coating.

Density and purity matter

The price must be right for true gold and silver, in order for you to expect getting a fair price when you decide to sell to UK Scrap Gold today. Pure gold and silver have specific densities and therefore weights, depending on the size of the item.

Hallmarks and various stamps can be a useful way of determining purity of your item, and weight can be another way of assessing whether your item is worth its actual weight in gold or silver. UK Scrap Gold has a free scrap gold calculator which allows you to assess what your item could be worth.

Not only that, but we offer Zoom video meetings to help determine whether your item is true gold or silver, as well as offering a verification if you send the item to us by post. If you think you’re in a position to make a sale to us today, or simply wish to get in touch to prove the authenticity of your item before selling to us, call us on 01902 623 254.