Gold Offers Post-Lockdown Cash Boost

It’s no secret that money has been tight for many of us over the past year of lockdowns. Whether you’ve passed through the lockdowns on furlough, or are planning for retirement, the shock from COVID-19 has hit household finances hard. However, if you have a bit of scrap gold tucked away in your home, it could be the perfect time to sell, and benefit from the COVID-19 gold price boom. 

A golden dividend for 2021 

Scrap gold comes in all shapes and sizes, and may have been acquired recently or several generations ago, passed down through the family. Whichever way you have got hold of scrap gold items, such as necklaces, chains, rings, coins and other such items, they have a great intrinsic value, purely thanks to the metal that they’re made from. 

Gold has been treasured as one of the rarest noble metals for centuries, and if you decided to sell with UK Scrap Gold today, you could expect to make £15.20 from just one gram of 9 carat gold. Imagine what a heavier item with a greater purity could be worth. But why is this so? 

Gold prices have soared over the past two decades, from just over £300 per ounce in the early-2000s to over £1,500 last summer. Prices may have come down a little since then, but gold is certainly worth several times more than it has ever been in nominal terms. These opportunities may take many years to come, and fortunately, 2021 could be just the time to sell. 

Selling your gold in 2021 

Prices are high and your scrap gold is worth more than ever before, but how do you turn to a gold buyer you can trust? UK Scrap Gold has been providing such a service for many years now, and our website has its own special page to help track gold prices, so you can pick a period of bullish price action to make your sale. 

Want to get a free valuation without sending a single gram? Check out our Gold Scrap Calculator, and just input the item’s weight and purity, and a near-instant valuation can be given. For a more detailed valuation, why not arrange a Zoom call with us, and let one of our specialists analyse your item via video-call? 

If you wish to make a sale today, it’s time to fill in the Seller’s Form here. To minimise the spread of COVID-19 and ensure your package reaches us safely, we strongly encourage you to use fully insured Special Delivery with the Royal Mail’s home collection service. This service will ensure your item is picked up from your doorstep, and you can track it until it reaches us, where we can analyse it and give you an offer you’ll hopefully find to your liking. 

For more information about selling scrap gold with UK Scrap Gold, call us on 01902 623 254 today.