Selling Scrap Gold Offers Great Gains for Summer 2019

With gold prices close to breaking out to new all-time highs as of late June 2019, anyone with a little bit of gold might find it goes a long way. Maybe you were handed a gold coin by a loved one, or have come to own old family jewellery or a watch with gold components? It could fetch a respectable price as gold scrap, based on current gold valuations.

UK Scrap Gold are gold seller specialists. We offer some of the best prices for scrap gold you can hope to find, and we handle all items with care when we receive them for valuation and sale. 

Great gains to be made

As of late June 2019, gold prices are elevated, at £1,100 per troy ounce. This is a price level that has rarely been seen in British history, and if you have unwanted scrap gold, you’ve got yourself an ideal opportunity to sell your scrap gold at some of the best valuations ever seen. 

UK Scrap Gold outshines other gold sellers with decent prices for your scrap gold this summer – as of late June, we offer as much as £12.99 for just a gram of scrap gold items with a carat (purity) or 9 carats.

Not only do we accept pure scrap gold at UK Scrap Gold. Jewellery and other gold scrap items often come in a variety of alloys. For example, if you find scrap gold items comprising white or rose gold, we’ll offer payment for the pure gold content of the item.

Dedicated gold sales specialists

UK Scrap Gold can be trusted to handle your scrap gold with care, and offer you quick and easy payment. That’s because we’ve been working in this market for over 20 years. If you’re looking for some compelling reasons to sell your scrap gold with us today, check out our 10 Reasons Why list.

Payment is efficient and hassle-free. We give our guarantee that payment will be made within 24 hours of receiving gold, silver, platinum or palladium items. Once the items have been tested and valued, the money can be in your account within as little as 2 hours.

Not only do we ensure seamless payment upon receipt of your scrap gold items. When you complete your Seller Form to transfer your item to us, we only ask for the absolute minimum regarding personal information, as we understand the importance of security for our customers.

Brooches, pins and watches accepted

Scrap gold comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t worry if your items are not as shiny as they were the day they were originally made. We’ve accepted gold in the form of dental fillings before, so we understand the wide variety of ways scrap gold can be sold.

If you’re keen to get an accurate valuation before sending a single piece of scrap gold, it’s worth trying our Gold Price Calculator. Valuations are determined based on carat (the purity), with weight helping produce a fair value based on the prices we offer.

If you have any queries about possibly selling scrap gold or other precious metals items with UK Scrap Gold, we strongly encourage you to contact us today. Email, write to us or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss potential sales of items.

Equally, we accept appointments at our Wolverhampton headquarters. If you’re in the local area and wish to meet us to discuss scrap gold sales, make sure to drop us a message so you can book an appointment, and avoid unnecessary delays.