Elevated Prices Persuade Families to Sell Gold Heirlooms

Gold has been prized for centuries, adorning the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and being passed down through families as tokens of good fortune.

The price of gold has remained so high in recent months that families who hold large quantities of the precious metal have made the bold move to sell gold items, often including family heirlooms.

Holding large quantities of gold has proven risky for some, as police warned earlier in the summer that members of the South Asian community were particularly vulnerable to burglaries of gold, as they often increased holdings of the precious metal while preparing for the wedding season.

A BBC investigation in March 2019 found that as much as £140 million worth of gold jewellery had been stolen from families of South Asian descent since 2013, with the Metropolitan Police reportedly recording 3,300 thefts for the same demographic group between 2017-18 alone.

Popular metal for heirlooms

The spike in the gold price in recent months has been viewed as a likely trigger to the increasing number of gold thefts from households possessing large quantities of gold. The yellow metal is popular, particularly among South Asian families, as part of marital traditions going back generations.

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What about purity?

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