August Provides Scrap Gold Sellers with Record Prices

August hasn’t failed to disappoint – gold prices continue to climb to new all-time highs. The higher it goes, the greater the reason for selling some of that scrap gold you might have lying around, gathering dust. Don’t let it sit idle – why not sell gold for some quick cash with UK Scrap Gold today?

Sizzling hot prices

Gold continues to race higher and higher this summer, having broken through the £1,200 per troy ounce barrier earlier this month. Prices have quite simply never been so high, so you have a special opportunity to make some sizable sums of money if you happen to find any unwanted scrap gold lying around.

UK Scrap Gold has been recording all-time highs for the value of scrap gold this summer – check out our Scrap Gold Calculator, to see what your scrap gold could be worth. If you found a single gram of 9-carat gold, you could potentially earn yourself as much as £14.16 as of late August.

The higher the carat (or purity), the more cash you can make, if you sell scrap gold with UK Scrap Gold. A gram of 24-carat gold attracts a price of as high as £37.73 as of late August and could be worth significantly more if gold prices continue moving upwards.

What kinds of scrap gold?

At UK Scrap Gold, we handle scrap gold items of all shapes and sizes. Some customers have even sold dental gold fillings, which we were happy to exchange for cash. However, you may have simply stumbled across an old family heirloom; perhaps a gold ring, a gold watch or some broken gold chains.

We even accept items of scrap palladium, silver and platinum. Jewellery isn’t just limited to gold, so you never know what kind of money your scrap could be worth.

There are some special forms of scrap gold, such as rose or white gold. We’re still happy to exchange them for some quick and easy cash too. Think you’re ready to sell some scrap gold? Just fill out a Seller Form – it’s easy to use, and your planned sale can be sorted in no time at all.

Discuss selling scrap gold

UK Scrap Gold has been helping people sell their scrap gold from our office in Wolverhampton for a number of years. Check out our Testimonials page, to see how we’ve helped ensure that people got the cash they deserved when selling their scrap gold with us.

If you’re curious about making a sale to us, feel free to get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help you if you have any questions. Find our contact information on our Contact page here. We’re also able to facilitate face-to-face appointments at our Wolverhampton office, but please remember to book your own appointment, to avoid delays.