Brexit Uncertainty Offers Ideal Time to Sell Scrap Gold

As the UK’s political system remains paralysed over Brexit this summer, the price of gold remains elevated. As a result, it might just prove to be the perfect time to consider selling any scrap gold you have.

Gold prices typically rise in times of political and economic turbulence, so your scrap gold could be worth substantially more than it used to be. That old family heirloom might be gathering dust on your shelf, when it could help you make a respectable amount of cash.

Reasonable prices for your scrap gold

With UK Scrap Gold, you can be sure that you will get a reasonable price for your scrap gold. We base our pricings on the London Gold Fix, the standard metric by which to value gold in the markets. Check out our Live Gold Prices tracker, to see how the value of the precious metal fluctuates.

As of late May, it is over £1,000 per troy ounce, a level twice as high as it was in 2008, and close to its 2011 all-time high of £1,100. 

We offer customers a respectable pricing for their gold – its carat or purity is a defining feature. A single gram of 9 carat scrap gold could be worth as much as £11.64 as of May 2019, higher than a great deal of other scrap gold specialists currently offer.

What gold can I sell?

Got an item with some gold, but unsure if it’s worth selling? Perhaps it’s a ring, with gemstones inlaid? Or maybe it’s simply a piece of broken scrap gold? That’s not a problem. UK Scrap Gold is happy to help you.

Got an item you wish to scrap, but worried it’s not pure enough? UK Scrap Gold accepts gold scrap in a variety of purities. This includes alloys like rose gold or white gold.

UK Scrap Gold not only accepts a variety of scrap gold items – we also happily accept scrap silver , palladium or platinum. Their value is determined by “spot price”, so you will receive payment in line with the market value at the time of sale.

If you’ve got scrap gold lying around in your home – a gold watch or an old gold ring – you might be wondering what you could make from selling it to us. Why not try our Gold Price Calculator? It’s free and easy to use. All you need to do is have a rough idea about the weight and carat of each item. Our calculator will do the rest, and give you an accurate estimate for what it could be worth. It’s hassle-free and you don’t have to send it over, until you’re ready to sell it.

Quick and easy payment

As a long-running business with many years of experience as gold specialists, we strive to ensure that customers get a fair price for their scrap gold, without delay. If you send your gold, payment is quick – FPS transfers can be made to your account within a matter of hours after receiving your scrap gold.

If you prefer payment by post, we ensure that payment will arrive within just a day or so after we receive your scrap.

If you have any questions regarding selling your scrap gold, check out our FAQs page

Feel free to contact us, to help ensure the sale of your scrap gold in a timely and efficient way, by telephone, post or email.

If you wish to see us in person, and happen to be based in or around our headquarters in Wolverhampton, all you have to do is book an appointment – we look forward to helping you with your enquiries.

Why Not Sell Your Scrap Gold This Summer?

It might be handy to have that bit of extra cash to spend for the summer holidays. If you have scrap gold you no longer wish to keep, it could be the perfect time to gather it up and sell it – why not come to UK Scrap Gold for a valuation today?

Value for money on your scrap gold

UK Scrap Gold offers you true value for money, when it comes to scrap gold – as of mid-April 2019, we offer as much as £11.38 on just a gram of 9-carat gold. We base our gold scrap prices on the London Gold Fix, a reputable and regularly-updated price metric.

This ensures that your gold is sold with the proper value that it deserves. Gold has long been famed for its beauty, and its value currently sits at elevated levels of over £983 (as of late April 2019), twice what it used to be worth a decade ago.

We accept all sorts of scrap

Worried that you have an item made of gold, but don’t think any vendors will be willing to accept it? UK Scrap Gold accepts gold in its many forms, whether that be jewellery, coins or watches – don’t worry if you’ve found broken items – we accept them all the same.

To get started, fill out our short description form – we only ask you to provide the essentials. Before doing any of this, you’re free to use our gold scrap calculator, a handy tool that allows you to get a quick and easy valuation before you even consider sending a single piece of scrap gold. 

When you’re ready to get in touch, don’t forget to fill the description form – any information sent to us is protected by encryption, and we ensure that it is only used with regards to your transaction.

Quick transactions, suited to you

Once we have received your scrap gold, payment will be made within a matter of hours. Depending on your preferred method, a transaction could be with you in as little as 2 hours. A cheque or cash can be dispatched within as little as 24 hours – the choice is yours. 

Whichever way you choose, we always aim to ensure the cash is in your hands within a day of us receiving your scrap gold.

Established scrap gold buyers

UK Scrap Gold has operated for over 20 years as reliable gold scrap specialists for people wishing to sell scrap gold, silver or even platinum. We value our relationships with customers and use the most cutting-edge technology to verify the value of your scrap gold so your items are always priced right. Check out our testimonials page, to hear what our satisfied customers have to say about our service.

Contact us

If you wish to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you. Click here to contact us today. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, write to us by post or email. Additionally, if you happen to be based in or around Wolverhampton, you’re more than welcome to drop in on our headquarters. 

Please note that it is advised to schedule an appointment if you wish to make a visit to us. Our offices are open between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.